In Blackest Night – Be More Terry

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  1. Scott Hamilton says:

    Thank you got sharing this.

    I must admit, I feel incredibly nervous about watching this. I was introduced to his work around the same time I was originally diagnosed with depression and they would help me break that downward cycle I’d be on.

    A few years ago my dad was diagnosed with early onset dementia. After a while we both kind of came to terms with it because of how Terry Pratchett faced it. It offered us hope that you could try to continue your life fighting it.

    We were both saddened at his passing. That’s the reason I’m worried about watching this, I’m worried it’ll bring those fears to the fore. But watch it I will.

    • I honestly think your fears will be quelled purely because of the approach and humour throughout. While it’s sad it is also very funny and because it’s his words acted out by Paul Kaye and because it was done with Terry and his longterm assistant for the most part, the sheer honesty intertwined with Terry’s demeanour make it a journey of hope as opposed to despair. If I know you like I think I do, I’m sure both you and your dad will thoroughly enjoy it.

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