About Me

I always hated these things – from bios on social networks to personal statements on CVs (or resumes as they’re otherwise known as).  Oh well, here goes…

My name is Craig Stewart; I’m a husband, father of three daughters, geek, gamer (not a very good one, at that – see my videos for proof), movie buff, blogger, aspiring writer and so on and so forth.  I work full-time in a call centre for one of the UK’s  largest Tele communications companies.

I started this site as a means of re-branding and to try and figure out my online identity.  Perhaps it’s some sort of cosmic coincidence or some subconscious effort to mirror my IRL situation.

I suffer from depression and anxiety (mainly social anxiety but general anxiety is a better fit).  I’ve suffered with it most of my life – I went through an extended phase of denial and saw myself as nothing more than a realist.  There is an element of truth to that, I guess.  After all, seeing life for what it “really is” or, if you will, “pulling the mask away” and the mind’s inability or unwillingness to deal with what follows is a common cause of depression.  I still argue that I am a realist.  Only now, I’m a medicated realist.

This site was set up mainly because my old hosting plan was due to expire and the renewal fee was too steep, but also under a fresh domain name because it seemed to make more sense than having my old domain (nerdful-things.co.uk) as most of my blog posts were of a more personal and less geeky nature.  I’ve migrated most of my old blogs and stuff over (under the ‘Legacy Sites’ option in the menu above).

I’m at somewhat of a crossroad in regards to my online voice and what to blog about.  On the one hand, I still want to blog about depression and all the other shit that comes with it but at the same time I don’t know the best way to do it – do I set up a sub-blog for it or do what I did on my old blog and set it under its own category?

I guess it’s something I’ll just to figure out as I go along.

In the meantime, thanks for reading!