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  • Mugen Souls Z
  • Spelunker HD

PS Vita

  • Exile’s End
  • Grand Kingdom

This is the first month that I can recall, since being  Playstation owner, that I haven’t owned any of the included games.  But, just like every month, there are the haters and the fans.  Now, I have the odd grumble over this – usually an exclamation of how shoddy the timing is that I bought a game and then the following month it becomes free.

I can see and appreciate both arguments – some months see some strong lineups but a lot of the time they seem pretty weak.  Microsoft’s Games With Gold lineups always seem stronger, not to mention the XBox 360 games work on XBox One thanks to backwards compatibility.  A feature that is greatly missed on the PS4.  Which leads to my main point…

Each month, we get free PS3 games that cannot be played if we do not own a PS3, unless they also work via cross-play on the Vita or PS4.  PS Now is a great service but £12.99 a month seems a tad steep, especially when you factor in PS Plus and other subscriptions you likely have (Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.)  So, Sony, why can’t we have PS Now included within our PS Plus subscription?  Or even just offer it at a reduced price like a fiver a month?  Hell, what about just allowing us to play the PS Plus PS3 games free via PS Now and if we want other games then subscribe?

PS Plus is always a bone of contention and it always will be.  I’m sure on the other side, XBox fans have similar disagreements.  It’s human nature to always pick holes and express dissatisfaction.  But PS Plus hasn’t really evolved.  As times change and the technology grows, so too should the digital platforms.  Aside from expanding PS Plus to include PS4 titles with the advent of PS4 the only other noteworthy change has been the price hike with very little to show for it.

If including PS Now for PS Plus users is a no-go then surely it’s not too big a stretch to offer it at a discounted price akin to a lot of the game prices that have further reductions for us subscribers or at the very least, allow us to play the PS3 titles that we get with our subscription each month for free via a tweaked PS Now access.