TopCashback Summer Treats 2017

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84 Responses

  1. Dale says:
    more than
    sole trader
    Jd sports
    sfs sofas
    The works

  2. Dale says:

    Look fantastic
    Now tv

  3. Dale says:


  4. Rob says:

    Only 1 hit on all those for me!

  5. Chris says:

    Just got one on Gap

  6. Does anyone know if they all still limited to 1 per hour as they have been in the past?

  7. Nizat Parveen says:

    Just got a PDE on Staples

  8. Dale says:

    Great little trading company
    Talk talk ( I pressed the back button just as the in appeared and I’ve lost it!!!)

  9. Dale says:

    Argus car hire

  10. Dale says:

    Royal Caribbean

  11. misskiti says:

    Once I’ve found an item on a page, am I likely to find another one on that same page or should I stop visiting that page? Thanks

  12. Douglas says:

    I’ve had one on legal & general today

  13. Angela says:

    Does this work on mobiles as ive not had any luck so far

  14. Dale says:

    Is it me or is this competition this time full of pde?? I have 240 pde and have only won £1.50 I’m sure they are holding the treats back this time!

    • Yeah, I’ve had £1 so far and my wife has had £0.20 – a lot of PDEs this time around. Last time, I’d get plenty of symbols but fall short of completing the set lol

  15. Dale says:

    I suspect that they are holding them until near the end of the comp, glad its not just me

  16. Dale says:

    Another one on holiday extras

  17. Karen says: and Buyagift got me an ice cream and a seashell

  18. Dale says:


  19. Dale says:

    Ive now found 2 humming birds on gap!

  20. Dale says:

    It happens every time they do these comps. They start going back onto the suppliers around half way through…im still only getting pde 😠 I have 350 pde and still only won 1.50! I have a feeling that the other winnings will be released closer to the end of the comp

  21. Dale says:

    Found one on auto trader

  22. Prerna Gupta says:

    aI have stopped getting anything altogether except on the daily clues. Anyone else facing the same issue?

  23. Dale says:

    Just got a 2nd humming bird on royal carribean. Also some of your links arent workibg any more

  24. Dale says:

    I’ll go through them and screenshot it on pm Facebook of that is ok?

  25. Dale says:

    Auto trader was one, but the links seem to be working now! Must have been a glitch with tub sorry

  26. sammi76 says:

    Found one on build a bear

  27. Dale says:

    I cant find any humming birds today. Ive been on the case since 6am and only been able t o find the daily clue. Anyone else experiencing this?

  28. Dale says:

    there been tight!!!!! haha

  29. I’m still finding I only get 1 per hour and a it seems to stop after 6 in a day. Might be coincidence but it’s happened a few days now and yeah PDE central

  30. Sarah says:

    Just got a PDE on Little Bird

  31. Not sure if your interested but basically it is just random sites except for the daily picks.
    Topcashback told me this themselves.
    Also I have been through all pages over a few days and gone through the a-z section from start to finish. there is no rhyme nor reason behind any sites.
    But you can get at least one from every letter so an optional 27+ are available each day. But most of these will be +1 entry

    I’m up to 72 entries in the prize draw and have won 80p need 2 suns for £100 2 starfish for £10 2 ice creams and 2 shells
    No sunglasses yet though.

    Happy Hunting

  32. Maxine Fox says:

    Got one on little mistress

  33. Linda Blomquist says:

    Just got a seashell on Missguided

  34. Gary Brooker says:

    Just won £100 get in result


    Matalan is today’s daily clue

  36. Simone Helene Lucas says:

    Today’s clue isn’t loading and all I’ve had for 4 days is pde’s 😬

  37. Christopher Aitchison-Knight says:

    Todays 1/9 is Fitflop

  38. Maxine Fox says:

    Got one on discount

  39. Dale says:

    It appears that the humming birds are easier to find today.

  40. Lesley Falconer says:

    Just got a PDE on staples

  41. Simone Helene Lucas says:

    Today’s clue isn’t loading and all I’ve had for 4 days is pde’s 😬

  42. Monsoon is today’s clue

  43. Prerna Gupta says:

    Every time I find a bird I get the message oops something went wrong! try again. I messaged them on Facebook but no reply. Anyone facing the same issue?


    Gadventure is the next daily clue

  45. Sorry for the delay in updating the post – first day back in work after 3 weeks annual leave :/

  46. darek says:

    G Adventures today

  47. I went on the page to add G adventures at 11.40pm & it said the comp has ended & to look at the list of Winners which is completely blank…. As usual I wanted 1 of each for the big prizes & won 20p ,50p. Loads of PDE’s as usual, so once again no Top prizes. Good luck to all that have won.

  48. Thanks for everyone’s input – hope you won some decent spot prizes!

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