Clazio: My Review

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5 Responses

  1. Robert Haney says:

    The thing is junk. This thing performs on par with my Nexus 2012 7. It cannot even run some basic games like Plants Vs Zombie 2 and Plague Inc. I recommend everyone stay away ND buy a Fire HD8 it will outperform this hands down and you can install google play on it without rooting.

  2. It’s a huge shame and a wasted opportunity – I know they’ve said they’re taking all the feedback on board and will continue with updates but I reckon they’ll wash their hands of this and chalk it down to experience and move on to their next project…

  3. Paul says:

    I have just bought this for 89 Euros (about 75GBP) for my daughter , who wanted a bluetooth speaker, with an integrated alarm clock. She already has a tablet for games she was told to expect that this will be an alarm clock and music player; with netflix (via apk), skype video and internet radio thrown in. I didn’t experience the UI problems and the icons on the home screen all reflect my choices. As a speaker it is great, and OK google works OK(with patience for startup lag). To sum up, good speaker, decent performance as a music player, usual android clock, and added video player.I haven’t any complaints.

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